Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory

Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory
A Sign of the times Matthew chapter 24. James 1:17 Father of the Celestial Lights. (above)=Matt 12:31,32. And this GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM will be preached in All The inhabited Earth, for a WITNESS to ALL the NATIONS, and Then; (THE END) Will Come. Matthew 24:14. A FIERY RED HORSEMAN.= DESTROYER.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Beauty From Ashes™ ~ Where Victims Become Over-Comers: June Prayer Alert

I am just a Christian Hebrew, so I don't pretend to have all the answers, but what I do know, is; I had an experience when I was 13.  I was lured to a very quiet spot by a guy who tried to kidnap me, I was scared, Then another guy came along, I thought, God help me, (in my mind)  just as I saw an opportunity to escape, so I took it.  Now I know;  there but for the Grace of God, go I.

                          My only mistake was, I Never Told Anyone.

As long as we keep quiet nothing will change, our own abilities are not enough, but when we get the right help, we can move mountains.

Slavery is nothing new, Joseph from the bible was sold as a Slave, Just in the same way,  many young people, even now, are sold over and over again, and like so many people today, he was sold out, by his own family, not, that everyone gets sold by their own family, but it happens a lot more than most of us realize.

                                   Can anyone help if we don't ask?..            
Slavery is happening on a Biblical scale, and yet,  it is one of the most ignored (swept under the table) crimes known to man, a taboo subject, you stand more chance of being caught and convicted of speeding, than you do if you run a slave trade, that is not a dig at law enforcement, but a fact of life.

In fact, genuine law enforcement officers, risk their lives, standing against it, but not everyone wants to end slavery.  

It funds everything from religion to Prostitution, and most of the Slaves have been forced into prostitution, or, forced to work for next to nothing, with no rights, and no help.

Jail is another place that gets swept under the carpet, many people that end up in jail for a minor crime, get raped, or abused in some way, and once dignity is gone, anything can happen. and it usually does.

Take back Dignity, and stand against slavery, God is going to protect us. Remember the Exodus, If you believe, You will get Saved.

David Gergen, a Man who knows what is going on, with slavery.

The World is still in Slavery, From Men, and Women, who think they have a God  given right  to rule with an Iron Hand.

Their mistake is; they don't have that right at all.
Messiah is the ruler, not men, and until we recognize this, we are all Slaves to something.

The Abusers themselves are slaves to their own desires.
Jesus said; I am the way and the life, no one can come to the (Father) except through the (Son). John 14:6.  When you understand what Jesus meant, The Father, is; a (different) person, but Jesus is an exact reproduction of him,= (like Father like Son) a separate person, (His God) and his Father, who he turns to;

At the ninth hour Jesus called out!.. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?..Mark 15:34.

He was Not Calling to Himself, He was calling to his Father, (Hebrew) =Yahweh. (English)=Jehovah. If you can understand, the Holy Spirit has given (you) Understanding.  True understanding is the only way to get free. Because You (will) call on his name, and he will, set you free,

When You Believe.

I will tell you a true story, the people who are keeping you enslaved, are;  funded by a group of very, very rich people,  from all over the world,  protected by (some) but many, corrupt  officials, And a huge army,  their organization is the best kept secret, since Jesus was a child.                      
Psalm 28:8-9.
Beauty From Ashes™ ~ Where Victims Become Over-Comers: June Prayer Alert
Psalm 27:14.