Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory

Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory
A Sign of the times Matthew chapter 24. James 1:17 Father of the Celestial Lights. (above)=Matt 12:31,32. And this GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM will be preached in All The inhabited Earth, for a WITNESS to ALL the NATIONS, and Then; (THE END) Will Come. Matthew 24:14. A FIERY RED HORSEMAN.= DESTROYER.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Revelation 1:8 The Begining and the End.

Coming, The Almighty.  (Greek) Theos on Au-TON. (Most High) God Almighty.  Akhenaton was a King that was ridiculed for his teachings relating to the God of light, he changed everything in Egypt during the Amarna period, there have been some very confused, and sometimes wilful reports about this King, some say; he was a sun worshipper, which would discredit him from any Christians point of view.

But that is a contradiction of everything he stood for, for example; what would be the point of banning and destroying all the false gods in Egypt, moving the Capital City, even changing his personal name, to distance himself from Amun, especially  the worship of Amun-Ra,and the god Horus, who was the very sun god he stood against, only to reintroduce the sun god under a different name. A wise Judge once said; if it does not make sense, it cannot be true. Akhenaton was living in a time called; Living in Truth.  
Pictures from Egypt weekend Discovery Civilisation,  
Symbol of the Sunrise  (Horizon of the Almighty). above; At Akheteten, this is the Symbol used to represent the Sun.
Note; the difference between this carving,  and the (Symbol of the Sunrise) Horizon.  this carving represents the GOLDEN STONE, Matt 21:42 (the Stone the builders rejected)  his  (Celestial Throne) 'Chrysolite' OR; Golden Stone,  mentioned at Ezekiel 1:1-26.  It has been taken for granted, that Akhenaton was a sun worshipper, and this is what has been taught since the discovery of the City Akheteten (Akheteton)  Amarna.

But the very thing that Akhenaton stood against, was the worship of  Horus,  Ra, (Amun-Ra) = (The Sun god) and the moon god, and all the other  gods,  also, he changed his name from Amenhotep= (Amun is satisfied) to Akhenaton= (Servant of the Aton)= (Almighty) or; 'Most High'  and he destroyed  all the false gods, associated with Egypt, at that time.

His God,  the God of the Hebrews,  had no images, or Idols, to bow down too,  in worship, his God, was the God of Light,  Not, the Sun. But, not all the people understood. This is the key to understanding why Akhenaton was (Not) a sun worshipper, in a period called, the Amarna Period,  (Living in Truth)  
Vs 21a And Jehovah  (Yahweh) will certainly become (known) to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians must (know) Jehovah in that day. And likewise in the (Last Days)  There is no doubt at all, that after the events of the Exodus, the Egyptians,  knew, the God of the Hebrews,  Egypt was completely  devastated, their Pharaoh and all his military force were dead.

It was the second most catastrophic event since the flood of Noah.  Even the cities of Sodom and gomorrah  pale at the destruction of an Empire, The people that were left alive were told; Vs 21b they  (Must)  render sacrifice and gift and  (Must)  make a Vow to Jehovah and pay it. so don't let anyone mislead you, because, Akhenaton  knew the God of the Hebrews, the; (God of Light)  and did render sacrifice and gift, and made a vow to the Almighty, and worshipped at the Altar in the (Midst of Egypt).

And that is exactly what happened.  But as it is with history, not everyone liked that idea. So after his disappearance or;(suspicious death)  who knows which,?..the Priests of Amun got their own back, destroying all the evidence they could find concerning Akhenaton,  They abandoned Akheteten and went back to Thebes, but the Amarna Letters had been hidden in a cave, where they lay untouched from the 14th century BC, until the 19th century AD.
City of the Sunrising.  Horizon of the Aton, The Almighty (Most High). The Kings from the Rising of the Sun. Revelation 16:12.