Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory

Celestial Lights. And they will see the Son of man coming in the cloud with power and Great Glory
A Sign of the times Matthew chapter 24. James 1:17 Father of the Celestial Lights. (above)=Matt 12:31,32. And this GOOD NEWS of the KINGDOM will be preached in All The inhabited Earth, for a WITNESS to ALL the NATIONS, and Then; (THE END) Will Come. Matthew 24:14. A FIERY RED HORSEMAN.= DESTROYER.

Friday, 15 April 2011

New creation studio7: Yahweh=Almighty God =THEOS'on AuTON. (Greek) for God Almighty. And a; (HIDDEN WITNESS) called Akhenaton. The Hebrews and Akhenaton.

This is a biblical description of the (Celestial Lights) pictures above, and below.
Celestial Throne Ezekiel 1:1-21

 this picture was taken by the military with a F.L.I.R.  (forward looking infra red  camera)

This picture was taken in Washington DC 1952

New creation studio7: Theos'on Au'ton. Given the fact that the early part of the Bible was written in  Semitic  and, Hebrew, also, the New testament was written in Greek, and the Greek word Au'TON is used to express (Almighty) these (three) things testify to a Positive link to God Almighty, the Hebrews, and AkhenATON. + the TetragramATON

The next link is, Akhenaton taught the same thing as Moses, That there is only one true God. next, that God was Light, and as the high Priest, like (Aaron the Ark). At that time, he was mediator between God and men. In the new testament, Messiah takes over this roll as the High Priest and mediator. 

This picture (below) is taken at Amarna.

   The carving at Amarna has been mistakenly identified as the Sun.  Notice the figure of the (living creature) sitting at the bottom of the disk,  matching the description of  the Celestial Throne at Ezekiel 1:1-21, and the picture  (above) 

Akhenaton was branded a sun worshipper and a heretic, all records of him were deliberately destroyed, because he destroyed all the false gods of Egypt, and worshipped just one God. 

He taught God was Light, 1 Timothy 6:16.(a)  The one (God) alone having immortality , who dwells in unapproachable Light.   And James 1:17 calls God, the father of the Celestial Lights. The Aten or, Au'TON (ALMIGHTY) that Akhenaton was talking about was the God of Light, Not the Sun,  but not all the people understood.

It is only in these (last days)  since the Amarna letters have been found, that things have started to come to (light) even today most people do not know anything about this mystery. It now raises the question; what are these strange Celestial lights people see in the sky?. .